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Success Stories

''I am compiling this section from information as and when I talk to people so for the moment it is far from complete...''

These are treatment records and success stories of people who have also received 'rehabilitacion' treatment at the Centre in Spain (for privacy and security reasons names have omitted).

Curve before treatment: - 33
Curve after receiving treatment: - 28
She has maintained this correction by doing exercises for 5 days a week for 30 minutes each day, during this second year in her treatment she is wearing a dynamic brace for 14 hours a day and exercising for 30 minutes during the time she has it off. She has found this new change to her treatment has corrected her curvature even more.
Age: 18
Location: Spain

Curve before treatment: - 45
Curve after receiving treatment: - 13
She has maintained this correction by doing exercises several times a week. She has been prescribed a dynamic brace, which she wears for 21-23 hours a day.
Age: 14
Location: USA


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