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Evidence of My Curvature Reduction
Exercise Can & Does Help Scoliosis!!!

''So many people say they do not believe that alternative treatment methods work for Scoliosis as they claim there is no evidence to prove otherwise.''
Well here it is - clear evidence that rehabilitation treatment does reduce lateral deviation, rib hump and spinal rotation. I believe that I am living proof that the Katharina Schroth method works and is a viable alternative for people wishing to avoid an operation.

My computer-assessment measurements of my back

This a copy of some of my measurements from the E Salvá Clinic, using Formetric - a specialist piece of equipment that measures the back using light rays, which unlike x-rays does not subject the patient to radiation.

No. 1 (blue) is at the start of my initial intensive treatment with the E Salvá Clinic. You can see my line of symmetry is very curved and my right shoulder blade is extremely pronounced due to severe rib-cage rotation.
Thoracic curvature: 42mm
Lumbar curvature: 20mm

No. 2 (red) is at the end of the initial month of intensive treatment. You can see my line of symmetry is almost perfectly straight and my right shoulder blade is a lot less pronounced, as too is my rib-cage rotation.
Thoracic curvature: 21mm
Lumbar curvature: 11mm

No. 3 (orange) is when I returned at the start of a week for check-up last summer. You can see that my line of symmetry has deteriorated a bit as well as my right shoulder blade and rib-cage rotation. However, thanks to my 30 minutes of exercises daily it is nowhere as bad as when I first went to the E Salvá Clinic.
Thoracic curvature: 24mm
Lumbar curvature: 14mm

No. 4 (green) is at the end of this check-up week last summer. You can see that even with just a week of intensive treatment I have regained some of my initial correction.
Thoracic curvature: 22mm
Lumbar curvature: 12mm


A recent question I received and thought might be useful to others viewing this page: -
I like the contour-like graphics of your back in your website. How were they done? Using a MRI scanner or just some software to interpret your x-ray/photos?
The measurements were taken with a specialist piece of equipment (Formetric) that measures each individual vertebra by scanning the back and then collates the information together to produce an image of the patient's back. It does not involve the use of MRI scanner nor x-rays/photos.