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"Treatment n. administration or application of remedies to a patient or for a disease or injury; medicinal or surgical management; therapy."

Initially, after the diagnosis of Scoliosis has been confirmed, you will probably feel a number of different emotions; shock, anger, bewilderment and later depression of 'why me?' This is normal and it is important for you to discuss your situation and feelings with you family and close friends, this will give you a feeling of support and help to release the pent-up emotions and stress you are likely to be suffering. It is also vital to realise that there are plenty of other people out there who are also living with scoliosis and that it is quite common.

Once you have been diagnosed with Scoliosis your doctor or specialist may well suggest possible 'conventional treatment' methods, ranging from observation to a backbrace or an operation. It is important to understand (although many people will try to tell you otherwise) AN OPERATION IS NOT A CURE!!!

Unfortunately there is no cure or simple way to rid oneself of scoliosis, very few complaints can be cured with the simple 'pill' and scoliosis is not one of them. Instead it is something that one has to come to terms with and understand that one must learn to adapt and live with it for the rest of one's life. Despite this, however, there is a plentiful supply of alternative treatments to help and in some cases (like mine) reduce it.