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"Prevention n. the act of stopping something from happening or occurring."

Prevention is impossible as the causes of Scoliosis are, as yet, unknown. Nevertheless prompt detection can prevent the long-term effects of Scoliosis from setting in. Most schools in the USA have a system of screening to detect Scoliosis early on in the hope of treating it before it becomes severe. Unfortunately this system is a little slow in coming into use in the UK.

There has, however, been some evidence that correcting under-lying symptoms such as differences in leg length and ensuring a healthy, balanced diet is maintained can help by eliminating any imbalances in posture within the body. Such activities as playing a lopsided instrument e.g. flute or violin can also compound any tendencies a person may have for developing Scoliosis.

Many people have also found it useful to avoid carrying heavy bags/rucksacks on one shoulder and instead wear a rucksack correctly on both shoulders so that the weight is carried equally.

Another point to be aware of is the increased risk of developing Scoliosis if another member of your family has it. In fact they are 30% more likely to have it than someone with no history of Scoliosis in their family. Therefore if a close relative has Scoliosis it is of the utmost importance that you get yourself checked regularly.