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Erika's Scoliosis Story - Part III

''Having reduced my lateral deviation from 42mm - 21mm and having maintained that improvement for three years now I believe at 19 years old I am living proof that scoliosis-specific physiotherapeutic treatment techniques do work.''

15 year old girl with Scoliosis - before treatment 15 year old girl with Scoliosis - after treatment
Before Treatment
42mm lateral deviation
After Treatment
21mm lateral deviation

My back is straight and strong (see Part I and Part II for my complete story). My own experience and those of others prove that a personal exercise plan carried out regularly and conscientiously is a successful alternative to spinal fusion. Indeed scoliosis-specific physiotherapeutic treatment techniques are the treatment of choice in several European countries.

Dr Rigo has assured me that if I continue with my present exercise regime my scoliosis will not deteriorate or worsen.

Following the publication of my first article in Backbone No. 67 I received so many emails that answering them was interfering with school work so I decided that the solution was to build a website to provide support and information about scoliosis, incorporating details of both surgical and non-surgical treatment methods, including FAQ's about scoliosis-specific physiotherapeutic treatment. This has been a huge success; I now receive in excess of 1500 unique visitors per month and frequently receive emails complimenting me on the comprehensive coverage of scoliosis on my site. However, the downside is when I visited Dr Rigo in the autumn of 2004 he asked me to stop passing on contact details of his clinic because he simply does not have the capacity to treat more patients.

As I walked down the Del Portal de L'Angel that evening I felt so sorry for all those people who would not have the opportunity to benefit from the treatment as I had done. Then I had an idea. I would open a clinic in England to teach others the scoliosis-specific physiotherapeutic treatment techniques from continental Europe! The next day I shyly asked Dr Rigo what he thought of the possibility of my opening a clinic like his in England. He told me "if anyone can do it successfully it is you, Erika" and with characteristic generosity he promised to personally train my initial team of medical staff and give me any technical assistance I might need.

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